CABV #003 Surviving the Dreaded Edit


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Editing is one of those things that you either love, hate, or tolerate.

It sounds so exciting because it’s the part of the production process that makes your video sizzle. You can really make magic, if you don’t get so frustrated that you want to throw your computer out of the window.

I happen to love editing because its where the story is really created. It involves a lot of thought and care and editing is part art and science.

That being said, we always get  plenty of questions from people who just don’t get it.

The software can be confusing and then figuring out what do next can be like taking a trip without a map.

That’s why Chip and I wanted to share some editing tips with you which are covered in this podcast episode.

Editing is the process of selecting the best audio and visual elements to create a story.


Chip’s Tips for video editing:

  1.  Know your audience
  2. Pre Production is Essential
  3. Edit while you film or in camera (Explain this in more detail)
  4. Use some type of slate (There are apps Movie Slate, put in the show notes, or your hands) $24.99
  5. Limit transitions, use cuts and dissolves
  6. Cut down time (Tell the story of Morgan State University and the walking scene)
  7. Don’t cross the 180 degree line (will talk about this more with dialogue and shooting)
  8. Use b-roll in sets of 2 or 3 when appropriate
  9. Don’t overuse graphics or titles
  10. Cut on Motion
  11. Match the Scene For example, a subject who exits frame right should enter the next shot frame left. Otherwise, it appears they turned around and are walking in the other direction. Or, if the subject is holding something in one shot, don’t cut directly to a shot of them empty-handed.
  12. Motivate yourself -Ideally though, your motivations for cutting should be to advance the narrative storytelling of your video.

Here is a great video that talks about what an editor does.  Thanks to Cynthia Mendoza for sharing.


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