CABV #002 Video Novice to YouTube Star – Mark Watson Interview

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Cook a Better Video Podcast

How do you take your passion or hobby and build a video business around it?

How do you make creative videos that simply review products and attract thousands of viewers?

That’s what we asked Mark Watson, AKA Soldier Knows Best in this, “Cook a Better Video,” episode.

Mark earns a living from his YouTube channel, but remembers his first video and says, “It sucked.”

Those days are long gone now. Watson sits at his house house, makes videos and collects checks from YouTube. Enough so that that’s what he does for a living now.

His specialty is technology, and he’s among the most popular tech vloggers. His videos attract tens of thousands of viewers on YouTube and Revision3. Mark Watson

How did he go from novice to YouTube Star?

He shares his secrets in this interview (video interview).

Watson’s Gear:
Camera Logitech C910/920 ($69)
Canon 60D ($699 body only)
50mm lens ($125)
Lights: PBL 3-light kit ($159)
USB Microphone: Samson C03U ($99)
Editing: Screenflow (Mac only $99)

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