Announcing: Mobile Video Academy Live

mobile video academyOn August 23, 2014, Amani Channel and Monique Johnson join forces to host and lead the inaugural Mobile Video Academy Live in Atlanta, GA.

This mobile video production intensive will teach you the ins and outs of creating high quality videos with your mobile device (Andriod or iPhone).

While this isn’t for everyone, if you’re a blogger, content creator, or if you operate a small business and are looking for an affordable way to create high quality videos to brand, and market, this is for you. Early adopter tickets are on sale now.

During the class, you’ll learn:

  • How to hook up your mobile device – Hook up your mobile device with the appropriate gear, apps, and accessories to create awesome videos.
  • Effective mobile video filming techniques –We’ll cover a variety of different filming strategies and shots to get when you’re specifically filming for your business so you can get great shots every time.
  • An effective way to plan your shoot – We’ll show you effective ways to streamline your planning and structure your videos for preparation and not investing a tremendous amount of time over thinking everything.
  • Basic Editing Concepts –Editing can be a pain. We’ll walk you through the techniques that we use to streamline the editing process for great story telling and recommended software.
  • 10 kinds of mobile videos you can create to market your brand – We’ll break down 10 different types of videos that you can create for you business, what to say in them and how to create them.

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