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Fox News Airs Live Suicide: Heads Should Roll

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How To Record Screencast with QuickTime Player X

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How to record audio on your computer using QuickTime

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Tips for creating a video background or set

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What is a jump cut vlog?

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How to speak well on camera

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WVC Vlog: How to find TV news job

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Adria Richards Interview: YouTube and Beyond

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iMovie ’11: Advanced editing – add cutaway video

iMovie seems really basic until you tap into some of the more advanced editing features like the chroma key effect, picture-in-picture, and add shots like cutaways. You need to go into iMovie's preferences to turn on the advanced editing features, and once you do, you will have a variety of … [Read more...]

More title and text tips: iMovie ’11

iMovie '11 is by far one of the best free editing software programs that's available to Mac users, but one drawback of using the preset fonts for titles is that everyone who uses iMovie generally uses the same titles. There may be times when you want your titles to have a unique look. iMovie has … [Read more...]