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When I left the news business full-time in 2006, I found it very empowering to be able to create independent videos, and share the content online. Nowadays, amateurs and professionals alike can not only create content, but teach, and empower others. Social media allows us to connect in amazing … [Read more...]

Good microphones for video production Many amateurs often overlook the importance of capturing quality audio during a video production. Whether it's a simple vlog, an interview, or you're capturing a speech, a mic will insure that your audience will be able to hear you. There are times when I haven't … [Read more...]

iMovie: How to add movement to photos – Ken Burns effect

All you need to create a video is an image. It could be a moving picture like video, but photos can work just as well. Photos are used all the time in videos. When I worked as news reporter, we used photos that included: mug shots, historic photos, or if video wasn't available and a photo was, … [Read more...]

How to make a fundraising video: iMovie ’11

As great as it is to create videos to brand your company, service, or just entertain, most of us at some point (hopefully) will join in an effort to raise money for an important cause. The Internet and social media makes it easier than ever to ask our friends, colleagues, and people in our … [Read more...]

iMovie ’11: What are events and projects? If you use a Mac, and you haven't started editing yet, what are you waiting for? Your computer has nonlinear editing software, iMovie, just waiting for you to start creating videos, and it's free. Just because it's free doesn't mean that you can't get do a lot of … [Read more...]

Back to basics: How to render video and why?

Unless you're editing with FCPX, you'll have to render the video at some time or another. If you're creating graphics, adjusting the video in any way, or working with different types video (HD and SD), rendering will be part of the process if you're using professional editing software. I'll … [Read more...]

How to create a lower third graphic – Premiere Pro

Lower third graphics are a staple in TV news. Also called a "super" because the graphic is superimposed on the video, graphics that are used to title or identify a speaker are usually placed at the bottom of the frame or "lower third." You can easily create lower third titles in most nonlinear … [Read more...]

Digital media and branding for journalists

    I first of all want to thank the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists for inviting me to present at its, "Multimedia Branding and  Digital Journalism Training," on March 3, 2012. I had short notice, and had to give my presentation virtually, but it was great. Thank … [Read more...]

iPhone Reporting – A lesson from Neal Augenstein

Your iPhone is a newsgathering machine! WTOP radio reporter Neal Augenstein knows all about it. He uses his smartphone for all of his assignments. Augenstein uses his iPhone to record sound. He edits with the application, VC Audio Pro, and once he's done, he simply e-mails his report to the … [Read more...]

Getting Started with Final Cut Pro 7

Apple's Final Cut Pro nonlinear editing program has become an industry standard over the years. Though the latest version, FCPX has been controversial especially among the pro editing community, it has fans like my partner Chip. That being said, we still get asked questions about FCP7. Now, … [Read more...]

Amani Channel – How to use videos for PR

This presentation is protected for Member's Only. [wlm_loginform] How do you get your story covered by a broadcast news station or blog? Video is a good way to build relationships, and reach out to reporters and writers. But how do you do it? Should you produce a Video News Release or just … [Read more...]

How to edit video with Keynote slides

I had the chance to speak at a conference about using video for public relations recently, and I recorded it (with the help of a friend). I'll be sharing the presentation once I'm done adding the Keynote slides to the video. If you ever present or speak publicly it's always a good idea to … [Read more...]