RØDE Video Mic Go Review

  If you own a DSLR you are looking for an audio solution. If you are a frequent reader of WebVideo Chefs we are a big fan of RØDE microphones. We use them on all of our productions and tutorials.  In the video below I compare  three microphones: RØDE NTG-2 RØDE Video Mic Pro RØDE Vide … [Read more...]

Sony XDCAM Log and Transfer Final Cut X

Sony XDCAM is a popular brand of cameras for videographers. If you have been editing for a while it is quite possible that you will run into someone that has shot footage with this camera. Below are a series of tutorials that will help you import footage and get started editing quickly with … [Read more...]

How to get proper focus with your camera

Focus is everything in video. Recently, some students came back from a video shoot and showed me the footage and it was useless because it was out of focus. In larger budget productions they hire focus pullers or called 1st AC.  Most of the time I film myself, even when I get some help from my … [Read more...]

How to copy movies from iTunes to your iMovie for iOS

There are times when you want to move video from iTunes on your computer to your iPhone or iPad.  In this brief tutorial I share how to do that using iTunes version 11 and an iPad mini.  This is useful when you want to edit footage on your iPad or … [Read more...]

RØDE Rec App Revew

If you are like me you want good audio for your video. It's essential to capture good audio especially if you are shooting DSLR and dual system sound. For many of my productions I use the RØDE Smart Lav and sync it using Final Cut Pro X. In the video below, I review the RØDE REC app for iPad. … [Read more...]

Adjusting Exposure in Final Cut Pro X

Some productions have the time to set up and adjust lights to ensure a high quality video image, others must shoot on the fly with very little camera setup on lighting support. This is the classic example of "fixing it in post," but with Final Cut Pro X it has gotten a little bit … [Read more...]

IKAN LED Lights Review

I have reviewed LED lights and have been very pleased with the results. In this review one of our Web Video Chef students Reeshard Scott talks about the IKAN LED IKAN ID500-V2 lights and gives a detailed review of the lights. http://youtu.be/573TAnC_wDg LED Lights What lights are you using? … [Read more...]

How to get videos off a DVR

Today DVR's or Digital Video Recorders are standard in almost every home. We have replaced VCR's and sometimes DVD players with them. Much of our content we consume is digital and not on a disc or tape and in this tutorial I show you how I get footage off my DVR for educational purposes. Here is … [Read more...]

Option + Command Click in Final Cut Pro X Shortcut

Shortcuts are very important when using any software, but it is especially with video editing software. In this tutorial I show you how to move a connected clip to another clip by using the Option + Command Click shortcut. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaQIpBlziy0 Final Cut Pro X Shortcut … [Read more...]

Final Cut Pro X Events and Projects Deep Dive

When Final Cut Pro X was launched it completely changed the way projects were handled.  They introduced events which were formerly available in iMovie and linked them with projects.  In this tutorial, I cover events and projects and the root level (finder level) and where they are located along with … [Read more...]

Dracast LED Lights Review for Video

LED is becoming the most efficient light choice among photographers and video professionals. Dracast designs, engineers and manufactures its LED lights to the highest industry standards. The LED is crafted with a sturdy all-metal frame and is designed to withstand high usage.They offer both Daylight … [Read more...]

RØDE smartLav Review

Innovation and iOS are words that are often seen together, but now add RØDE to this list with the release of smartLav. It’s a lapel microphone that makes it easy to record to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via the headphone jack. The smartLav can be used in many productions like weddings, … [Read more...]