Create stunning slideshows with Fotomagico

There is a time where you will have to create a slideshow of photos to show at a family reunion or any type of gathering. I use Fotomagico for my slideshows. In this tutorial I show you how to use Fotomagico (Mac Only) to create slideshows. Fotomagico … [Read more...]

Premiere CS 6 for Final Cut Pro Editors Part 1

It's officially here, Adobe CS 6. For video editors this has launched just at the right time.  For editors like me who have used Final Cut Pro 7 as their primary video editing tool, Premiere CS 6 is a viable option.  We have created many Final Cut Pro X tutorials on our site and we will continue to … [Read more...]

How to Capture Tapes in Final Cut Pro X

When I first learned how to edit video, capturing video from a tape was an essential skill. Now many people don't have a need to do this since many cameras are tapeless, but in this tutorial I show you how to capture (or import) video from tapes using Final Cut Pro X. … [Read more...]

Reconnect Media in Final Cut Pro X

There are sometimes when you move files around and your media has the red screen of death. In this tutorial I show you how to fix this and reconnect media. In order to do this, you must have Final Cut Pro 10.0.3 or higher. … [Read more...]

How to convert VHS Tapes in iMovie

Sooner or later someone will ask you to convert  old footage from a VHS tape to a DVD or Hard Drive.  In this tutorial I will show you the steps and equipment needed to accomplish this task. Equipment need: VCR (of course) but make sure the heads are clean and that it has RCA outputs. A … [Read more...]

How to trim video in Final Cut Pro X

Trimming is a function editors do daily, and without it editing would be impossible. I show you how to use trim tool in Final Cut Pro X to get maximum trimming results. These functions are also referred to as slip and slide edits. … [Read more...]

How to organize and sort projects in Final Cut Pro X

In any editing workflow organization is critical. In this tutorial, I show you how to organize and sort your projects using Final Cut Pro X. … [Read more...]

A How to Guide for the New Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook introduced a major change for business pages that gives you more control over the look and feel of your company's page. The new page layout helps you interact more easily with your Facebook fans, enabling enhanced graphics, the capability to feature posts, and private messages with … [Read more...]

How to watermark your video

Whenever you watch a television show you will see the networks logo or "bug" in a corner of the screen. This is for station identification, but it is also done so people would not steal their content. We all know a logo is not a deterrent from a thief but having your logo on your video is always a … [Read more...]

How to format your video for iBooks

Apple recently released iBooks Author, a free software to allow you to self-publish books to the iBooks store for viewing on the Apple iPad.  In this tutorial I show you how to format your video for Apple iBooks using Apple's Quicktime X which is a built in feature of Apple's Snow Leopard or Lion … [Read more...]

How to rotate video 90 degrees (iMovie ’11)

Have you ever tried to watch a cell phone video or video shot on a mobile device and you have to turn your head to see it? Or maybe you've shot video with your mobile device, but the aspect ratio doesn't seem right. This happens most often to iPhone users who don't hold the phone horizontally … [Read more...]

How to export Avid Media Composer 6 files to Adobe After Effects CS 5.5

Unless you have been living under a rock, or are new to the editing, you have heard about Automatic Duck, and their line of tools for After Effects and Final Cut Pro. These tools were formerly over $400 and now they are free!  The tools will move your media back and forth between applications with … [Read more...]