Back to basics: How to render video and why?

Unless you’re editing with FCPX, you’ll have to render the video at some time or another.

If you’re creating graphics, adjusting the video in any way, or working with different types video (HD and SD), rendering will be part of the process if you’re using professional editing software.

I’ll defer to EHow for the definition:

In video rendering, this refers to the generation, via computer, of each individual frame, which when strung together form a fluid video.

Sometimes it will just take a few seconds to render a video, or it could take hours. The good news is that it’s really easy to do. You just need to have some patience sometimes.

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I have quick question. Are the Final Cut 7 tutorials helpful? Chip insists that we should be focusing on the new and not the old, so this might be my last FCP 7 tutorial.

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