Best Camcorder Audio with Two Microphones

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I’ve been on an audio kick lately and it seems that our community is getting the point. You need great audio to make a good video.

To get great camcorder audio, you need a camera that is equipped with a mic jack (mic input) so that you can plug in an external microphone. Your other option is to record your audio separately with an audio recorder, and then synch the sound up in post, but that’s for a different post.

If you’re looking for an affordable camcorder, Canon’s Vixia line is a great place to start because most of the cameras have a mic jack. You can also plug a mic into a iPhone or smartphone, but you need a special audio cable.

The Canon T3i is another great option if you want to start shooting video with a DSLR. Rode makes a great microphone called the VideoMic that mounts directly on top of the camera.

You don’t have to spend a lot on a microphone if you’re just getting started. Radio Shack and Audio-Technica make great clip on lavaliere mics that cost around $30.00.

best-camcorder-audio-micrphonesThat being said, what if you want to use two mics during a shoot? That presents another challenge because most consumer cameras only have one mic jack for one microphone.

A community member named Tamika asked that very question:

I’ve been watching the videos regarding microphones. I am going to start conducting sit down interviews. How would I go about mic’ing (lol…have a brain fart and can’t figure out how to spell it) myself and the individual I am interviewing. I am using a camcorder. I already purchased a lapel microphone for myself but was wondering if there is something I need to do to hook two microphones to my camera?

Hope this answered the question.

Best Camcorder Audio with Two Microphones

Here is the basic recipe:
2 mics (3.5mm)
Y-Adaptor (mono)
Camcorder with a 3.5mm mic jack

Canon Vixia HF RF400
Kodak Zi8 (discontinued)
Audio-Technica ATR 35s
Radio Shack 33-3013
Canon T3i
Rode VidMic

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