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I believe that teaching is my calling and it’s certainly a passion of mine, which is why I’m thankful to have this platform to share my video production experiences with you.

My mother’s side of the family is full of teachers including my grandmother and aunt, and I’ve had the opportunity to teach video production, and digital media several times throughout my career.

Back in 2001, when I was green and fairly new to broadcast news, I was given the opportunity to teach at a community college in Tampa, Florida.

After getting a taste of the classroom, I decided that a Masters degree couldn’t hurt. I could teach as an adjunct at the community college level without it, but most if not all four-year universities require a terminal degree. So, in 2004 I started that journey.

I was working full-time at Fox 13 in Tampa, Florida at the time. I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy, but I kept at it. In 2006, I moved to Atlanta. I took a few classes at Georgia State, and finished my thesis in 2010, yes, six years later.

After I graduated, I had the opportunity to present my thesis/research on citizen journalism at a huge Mass Communications academic conference in Denver (you can read the full study here).

It’s funny how the dots in life connect because I ran into one of my former teachers from my undergrad days at the University Florida, Brad Yates, er, Dr. Brad Yates. Turns out he now teaches at the University of West Georgia. We stayed in touch, and about six weeks ago, he asked if I would consider teaching video production this semester.

So, my first class was on Monday, January 9. I plan to share a few of my classroom adventures here, but in the meantime, here are the lessons of this story: 1)Never burn a bridge. 2)Finish what you start. 3)Stay focused on your goals, and life will find a way for you.

About Amani Channel

Amani Channel is a former news reporter, a vlogger, an award winning video producer, and an adjunct professor. He also helps organizations and companies create visual stories through VisualEyeMedia.

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  1. Congrats Professor Channel! I know you will do great things at the University of West Georgia!

  2. I have a question, i an  using imovie to import video from a canon hv 20 and then edit it in imovie, what format does imovie prepare the movie in?  I believe that the finished project is a mov. file.  I then export the file to toast 11, with Blu ray plug and burn it to a blu ray disc.  Next question,  if I burn it to a video file, and try to play it on a PS3, the ps3 does not recongize it, but if i burn the video as a data file, it plays on ps3.  Does this make any sense. 

    • Amani Channel says:

      That is a great question.  What is your primary goal, to get the video to play on your PS3?  Or, are you trying to watch it as a DVD on Blu Ray?

  3. My primary goal is ti be able to burn a blu ray disc that I can play on PS3, and then copy the disc to the hard drive of the PS3.  I believe that imove produces the final product in a mov. format and the PS3 does not recognize that format.  I am trying not to use any converter software to convert a mov. file to a file that is recognized by PS3.  thanks for your response.                                                                                                            

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