01: Cook a Better Video Show: Chip and Amani

We have a new show that we're exited about! We're calling it the "Cook a Better Video Show," and we'll be bringing you video innovators, thought leaders, and educators who will help you create better visual stories. In our first episode, Chip and I have an informal conversation about how we … [Read more...]

Conrad Mess Shares Mobile Filmmaking Secrets

You can make great videos and films with a smartphone, and if you don't believe me, check out the work of Luis Mieses (aka Conrad Mess). Mess has mastered the art and science of production using the same device that most people use to tweet, make phone calls, and share Instagram pics. His … [Read more...]

Fox News Airs Live Suicide: Heads Should Roll

Car chases are unpredictable, and TV stations love them. When they go wrong, they go really wrong. Just ask everyone at Fox News Channel. A suicide was broadcasted live during “Studio B with Shepard Smith." Fox says that it was a result of "severe human error." No kidding. A lot … [Read more...]

Adria Richards Interview: YouTube and Beyond

If you ever have a challenging technology issue or problem, ask Adria. She's a passionate, smart, funny, nerdy techie (redundant?) who is crushing web videos. Adria is building a strong following on YouTube, and now she's working with brands like Dell, T-Mobile, and CDW to mention a … [Read more...]

Interview with SimpleVloggingTips.com

When I left the news business full-time in 2006, I found it very empowering to be able to create independent videos, and share the content online. Nowadays, amateurs and professionals alike can not only create content, but teach, and empower others. Social media allows us to connect in amazing … [Read more...]

iPhone Reporting – A lesson from Neal Augenstein

Your iPhone is a newsgathering machine! WTOP radio reporter Neal Augenstein knows all about it. He uses his smartphone for all of his assignments. Augenstein uses his iPhone to record sound. He edits with the application, VC Audio Pro, and once he's done, he simply e-mails his report to the … [Read more...]

How to go from novice to professional video producer: Andy Coon int. pt. 1

Web video is truly a powerful medium. It has helped me build business, and professional relationships over the years, which is why I encourage everyone that I meet to start telling their own stories through video. One of the colleagues that I've met during my online travels is Andy Coon. In … [Read more...]

How to record a video interview with Skype – Ecamm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44Y8lBNxGfY Watch on YouTube: Record a Skype Video Call When I worked in news, the way to capture a video interview was to either, set up a satellite or microwave talkback, or send a camera crew to a location to gather the content. How times have changed. Now … [Read more...]

How to produce a no budget TV show – Justin Kownacki Pt 2

[wlm_loginform] This is part two of our interview with Web TV producer, and social media strategist Justin Kownacki. Kownacki has eight years of experience producing TV shows online. His current effort is called The Baristas, a sitcom that is set in a Pittsburgh coffee shop. In this … [Read more...]

Interview: Lessons from Internet TV producer @JustinKownacki Pt. 1

How do you create two sitcoms, produce the episodes on a shoe stringbudget, keep your talent happy, write, shoot, and edit, and keep your sanity? If you have no idea, then you should probably talk to Justin Kownacki. Kownacki rose to Internet fame when he started the show, "Something to be … [Read more...]

NBC network photojournalist: Jim Long Interview Pt. 2

Watch part 2 of our full interview with NBC network news photographer Jim Long. … [Read more...]

Preview: Jim Long (@newmediajim) interview Pt. 2

If you enjoyed the first half of our 20-minute interview with Jim Long, then you'll love this second half of our conversation. This interview is available for Member's only, so if you haven't done so, register for free, or login to watch it now. [wlm_loginform] Long, is a Washington, … [Read more...]