How To Go Live | Livestream Video on Instagram

Live Video Instagram One thing is obvious about the direction of web and mobile video; it's going all the way live in 2017. First, we were introduced to Meerkat and Periscope. Then Facebook and YouTube got into the action. Now there is live … [Read more...]

How to Get Started and Use Anchor

We normally cover video production equipment and techniques for beginners, but there's a new audio app in town. It's called Anchor and it's a cool, fun, and engaging way to have conversations with friends, influencers, and strangers. Anchor is said to be the Twitter of mobile podcasting. It … [Read more...]

Announcing: Mobile Video Academy Live

On August 23, 2014, Amani Channel and Monique Johnson join forces to host and lead the inaugural Mobile Video Academy Live in Atlanta, GA. This mobile video production intensive will teach you the ins and outs of creating high quality videos with your mobile device (Andriod or iPhone). While … [Read more...]

The Best (Affordable) USB Mic for Podcasts and Voice Overs

An Affordable Microphone If you haven't noticed, bad audio can ruin a good video. That's why I'm such a stickler for good audio and microphones. I'm sure you've heard your fair share of videos that use the built in camera mic, or built in computer mic to capture the main sound. Believe me, … [Read more...]

Mobile Video Comes to the Atlanta Press Club

I'm super pumped, because I'm collaborating with the Atlanta Press Club and presenting on mobile journalism. Join the Atlanta Press Club on Wednesday, May 7, as we learn to create professional-grade videos using a combination of traditional and new media. Content creators are definitely … [Read more...]

How to livestream with an iPhone

#AskWVC (This is a response to a question about iPhone livestreaming) Update 2/1/14 The Atlanta snowstorm which kept my family snowed in for days provided more than a few opportunities for me to share sights and sounds of the mess with my mobile phone. I used a few apps including Spark … [Read more...]

Learn How to Make iPhone and Mobile Videos

If you're not making videos, you're probably missing out on an opportunity to connect with your audience, and an iPhone or your mobile device makes it easier than ever to create great videos. You've probably have shot a video at one time or another, but making a video that tells a story, connects … [Read more...]

Mobile video for Androids and more Watch on YouTube: How to make awesome Android videos for begininners Mobile Video Journalism Here are some other recent examples of mobile storytelling and video deliciousness. Take a peek inside the Wall Street Journal's MoJo toolbox. … [Read more...]

A New RØDE VideoMic on the GO!

We've been building a relationship with RØDE Mics ever since we started this site. They create great microphones for mobile devices, podcasters, and professionals. In addition, the company is constantly innovating. Their latest product is a chip off the old VideoMic series of mics. It's called … [Read more...]

Don’t shoot sucky mobile video Watch 3 Mobile Video Shooting Sins on YouTube One thing that really irks me about mobile video is that most people don't know how to hold their phones when shooting video. I see it at concerts, family events, and other special moments. You've … [Read more...]

#iPhonereporting #MojoChat Mobile Journalism Recap

We helped make some Twitter chat history by organizing the first #mojochat for mobile journalism. The conversation was great, and some of the best of the best participated in the hour long discussion about all things related to iPhone/smartphone storytelling. This was my first time … [Read more...]

#iPhoneography – The Duet

The Duet by Apogee (first generation shown in picture above) is a beautifully designed professional audio interface for the Mac. It is a two-channel input, four output device that connects to the computer via Firewire (first generation) or USB (second generation). It can be used for instrument … [Read more...]