RØDE Rec App Revew

If you are like me you want good audio for your video. It's essential to capture good audio especially if you are shooting DSLR and dual system sound. For many of my productions I use the RØDE Smart Lav and sync it using Final Cut Pro X. In the video below, I review the RØDE REC app for iPad. … [Read more...]

Top iPhone and mobile journalism pros – Let’s chat!

  Latest Update: The #MoJoChat has been rescheduled for Wednesday 10/16 at 4pm ET/9pm UK! This will be moderated by the @MobileJournChat Twitter handle. Featured guests are Neal Augenstein, Glen Mulcahy, Marc Settle, and I may chime in though I'll be moderating. The topic is: Tools and … [Read more...]

Conrad Mess Shares Mobile Filmmaking Secrets

You can make great videos and films with a smartphone, and if you don't believe me, check out the work of Luis Mieses (aka Conrad Mess). Mess has mastered the art and science of production using the same device that most people use to tweet, make phone calls, and share Instagram pics. His … [Read more...]

The Padcaster for iPad Video Production and News

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUW8c3Z3x3A Watch on YouTube: ThePadcaster Open Box The Padcaster could be a game changer for iPad video production and news gathering. It is an iPad video stabilizer and tripod mount with a lens adaptor. The kit which retails for $149.00 includes: Padcaster, … [Read more...]

#NABJ13 – iPhone Reporting – Mobile Journalism Must Haves

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWnzS2298z4 Watch on YouTube: Speaking at NABJ - 5 Smartphone Tips for Journalists Mobile Journalism Must Haves I don't need to tell you that the news business has changed tremendously in recent years. Many news pros have left the business through layoffs and … [Read more...]

iPhone4 HD video: how to fix red flicker and edit with Final Cut Pro

If you own an iPhone4, I hope you are using it to capture video.  One of the best features of the phone is its ability to capture HD video.  For the size and convenience, the quality is amazing.  Many people now use their iPhone video camera instead of using a pocket camera like the now defunct … [Read more...]

How to import video from your iPad 2

The iPad 2 has been an instant success and with the addition of cameras it opens up the opportunity for many people to shoot video on this device. I was fortunate to grab an ipad during the first weekend it went on sale and decided to make a tutorial on how to import video to your computer (Mac … [Read more...]

How to hold your iPhone when shooting video

When I got my iPhone 3Gs, I didn't know how to hold it while shooting video. At first, I held it vertically, the same way as when making a phone call. I soon realized that that wasn't the RIGHT way to hold the phone/camera. Do you shoot video with your iPhone? If you own a 3Gs or a 4G, there … [Read more...]