How to set up groups in Facebook

A member asked us how to send a group e-mail (to 100 people) out using Facebook, and we have a solution. At times when you use Facebook you may want to communicate with a select group of friends. It can be challenging to send out an email, or share photos and videos with several people in your … [Read more...]

How to make a survey using Google Docs

If you are like me you have to shoot the video, edit the video and find a way to post it on the web.  Sometimes you are even asked to get feedback about a video or a project,  that is why I did a tutorial on how to make a survey using Google Docs. Here is a link to a form that is used by … [Read more...]

How to set up a Facebook Landing Page

Here is a special tutorial I created for those who want to customize your Facebook landing Page. … [Read more...]