CABV #008 Professional Voice Overs with Heather Costa

Subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher If you've ever recorded your voice and played it back, the first thing you probably thought was, "That's not how I sound." I was around  seven when I heard my voice for the first time. Even at that young age, I remember disliking how I sounded. But after working … [Read more...]

#NABJ13 – iPhone Reporting – Mobile Journalism Must Haves Watch on YouTube: Speaking at NABJ - 5 Smartphone Tips for Journalists Mobile Journalism Must Haves I don't need to tell you that the news business has changed tremendously in recent years. Many news pros have left the business through layoffs and … [Read more...]

Digital media and branding for journalists

    I first of all want to thank the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists for inviting me to present at its, "Multimedia Branding and  Digital Journalism Training," on March 3, 2012. I had short notice, and had to give my presentation virtually, but it was great. Thank … [Read more...]

Amani Channel – How to use videos for PR

This presentation is protected for Member's Only. [wlm_loginform] How do you get your story covered by a broadcast news station or blog? Video is a good way to build relationships, and reach out to reporters and writers. But how do you do it? Should you produce a Video News Release or just … [Read more...]

Attending a conference? How to produce and share a video

#digatl #digatlvid A good way to start producing videos is by creating video content at a conference. Conferences are great because you'll have access to industry leaders, and experts who are normally more than happy to share a thought or two with you on camera. Plus there's a built in audience … [Read more...]

Free tools to give a virtual video presentation

I sometimes get asked to present about various news and multimedia topics at schools, colleges, and conferences. I of course prefer to speak in person. There’s nothing like seeing the people you’re talking to up close, and answering their questions. A remote video presentation, however is a great … [Read more...]