Start Making Videos: For Beginners I hope that you’re not as bad as I was when I started making videos. I struggled with almost everything, and it really hurt me during my first few years of work in the news business. Making videos has always been fun, and I love the creativity, but … [Read more...]

The Four Secret Steps: How to Make Videos

Making a video doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it's like many other skills like cooking, riding a bike, and driving. Think back to the first time you tried any of those activities. You may have over cooked the food, or fallen off the bike, and driving on the freeway... we're you a bit … [Read more...]

Download Free Royalty Free Stock Footage This post is sponsored by There will come a time when you may need some extra footage to complete your video, and you may not have access to a camera or the budget to hire a crew. It happened to me as I was finishing a client … [Read more...]

Aerial Videography: A Beginner’s Guide

I've recently started doing aerial videography for my wedding business and I wanted to share the lessons I've learned in starting to shoot footage from the sky.  The hobbyist drones you can purchase online or in stores are technically known as UAS: unmanned aerial systems. Many can fly up to 900 … [Read more...]

The Formula to Make Easy Videos

Make Easy Videos Are you struggling to make easy videos? Are you trying to figure out what equipment you may need, or does editing simply baffle and frustrate you? Have no fear, because everyone who either shines on camera or works behind the scenes struggled at some point. The only way you … [Read more...]

How to Design a Cool Video Background (Set)

Have you ever looked at a video and something just wasn't right about it? Maybe the background was cluttered or there was an object on screen that was distracting, or maybe the setting just didn't match the subject matter. Whoever created the video didn't give any thought to the set or … [Read more...]

Video Chef Success Story: Hardbody Outdoor Fitness

For small business owners and entrepreneurs video can be a powerful tool. From promo videos, to content marketing vieos, or simple vlogs, the kind of content that can be produced is numerous. There's never been a better time to produce DIY videos because the production tools are more affordable … [Read more...]

How to Share a Private Video

There will come a time when you may not want the world to see a video that you've produced on a site like YouTube. Maybe it's just a draft, maybe you only want to share it with a few people, or maybe the video is for a client and you just want their feedback. It's a situation that one of our … [Read more...]

Sony XDCAM Log and Transfer Final Cut X

Sony XDCAM is a popular brand of cameras for videographers. If you have been editing for a while it is quite possible that you will run into someone that has shot footage with this camera. Below are a series of tutorials that will help you import footage and get started editing quickly with … [Read more...]

Why I Hired a Web Video Chefs Student

How do you go from novice to paid video professional? You need to be a student of the craft, build relationships, and work with other professionals. You have to learn the art and science of video production, and you probably will have to start from the bottom. It's called paying your … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that 2014 is here. What happened? A lot. We redesigned the site, started a G+ Community, Chip and I presented together at the National Association of Black Journalists conference, I wrote a guide on mobile video, we launched a Learning Center, and it's not going to … [Read more...]

How to get proper focus with your camera

Focus is everything in video. Recently, some students came back from a video shoot and showed me the footage and it was useless because it was out of focus. In larger budget productions they hire focus pullers or called 1st AC.  Most of the time I film myself, even when I get some help from my … [Read more...]