Devin and Amani Give Thanks

This is a wonderful time of year. We gather with family and loved ones to count our blessings, enjoy good food, and fellowship. We also engage in acts of charity, which should be a year long habit. We want to say, "Thank you." We're blessed and hope your feel the same way. I decided … [Read more...]

How to make pet videos Watch on YouTube: How to make pet videos What do pet lovers and video have in common? A lot if you are a pup named Jasmine, or a Jack Russell Terrier named Jesse. These are just a couple of the names that have built a huge following through their … [Read more...]

Tips for creating a video background or set

Far too many vloggers fail to design a background or set that reflects their brand or the subject of their video content. The set is important because it will give your videos a professional look when done right, and it will add a consistent look to your videos. Here are some basic tips: 1. … [Read more...]

Easy web video tips Watch video on YouTube: Easy web video tips These days, just about everyone has access to a video camera. It can be a smartphone, a pocket cam like a Flip or Kodak, and there are of course camcorders and prosumer cams that are more affordable than … [Read more...]

What is a jump cut vlog?

A jump cut can be a good or bad thing in a video depending upon how it is used, and the purpose. What exactly is a jump cut? It's a jarring edit of two similarly framed shots. Wikipedia also has a nice definition (if you trust the source). Some vloggers use jump cuts extensively, while others … [Read more...]

How to speak well on camera

It looks so easy to be on camera talent doesn't it? Professionals are collected, smooth, and are really master communicators. It takes a bit of swag, practice, and poise to do it right. If you've ever wanted to be on camera talent, or if you've recorded yourself and you'd like to step it … [Read more...]

WVC Vlog: How to find TV news job

Have you ever wondered how you go about getting a job in the media, more specifically, the news? In this video you'll learn how I got my start in the broadcast news business, and I share some insights if you're on the job hunt. I talk about a resume or demo tape in the video above. You … [Read more...]

Good microphones for video production Many amateurs often overlook the importance of capturing quality audio during a video production. Whether it's a simple vlog, an interview, or you're capturing a speech, a mic will insure that your audience will be able to hear you. There are times when I haven't … [Read more...]

Amani Channel – How to use videos for PR

This presentation is protected for Member's Only. [wlm_loginform] How do you get your story covered by a broadcast news station or blog? Video is a good way to build relationships, and reach out to reporters and writers. But how do you do it? Should you produce a Video News Release or just … [Read more...]

How to start shooting better videos

How long have you been shooting video? Are you struggling with your shot composition and framing? One of the common problems amateurs have is holding the camera still. Amateur video will often pan and zoom endlessly. If you take your time and think about your shot before you start rolling, you'll … [Read more...]

Call me professor Channel

I believe that teaching is my calling and it's certainly a passion of mine, which is why I'm thankful to have this platform to share my video production experiences with you. My mother's side of the family is full of teachers including my grandmother and aunt, and I've had the opportunity to … [Read more...]

Record yourself during speaking engagements and share

I've only told a few people this, but one of the events that left an impression on me growing up was when I was in middle school. A dentist came out to talk to us about his career, and shared his life experiences during a class assembly. As background, I was raised in the poorest city in San … [Read more...]