Dracast LED Lights Review for Video

LED is becoming the most efficient light choice among photographers and video professionals. Dracast designs, engineers and manufactures its LED lights to the highest industry standards. The LED is crafted with a sturdy all-metal frame and is designed to withstand high usage.They offer both Daylight and Tungsten option. You can choose either Spot or Flood.

LED Lights Review

In my video review I test a 500 video light and a 1000 video light flood.


In the video I mentioned that I had trouble with a light stand, but Dracast customer service shipped a replacement immediately. There are many LED light vendors, but customer service is a key component that separates them, and Dracast passed my tests with quality and service. View a video that was filmed with these LED lights. Also, check out Amani’s post about cheaper light solutions for video.

I recommend you purchase lights from the DVeStore.com

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