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I sometimes get asked to present about various news and multimedia topics at schools, colleges, and conferences. I of course prefer to speak in person. There’s nothing like seeing the people you’re talking to up close, and answering their questions.

A remote video presentation, however is a great way to save money on travel costs, share your information virtually, and still have an interactive audience Q&A.

Recently, I’ve given two virtual presentations using Skype and my webcam primarily. Over the summer, I presented at the National Association of Black Journalists conference in Philadelphia. I was unable to attend in person, so instead, I gave my presentation using Skype (for the audio), and, to share the PowerPoint from my computer (watch this video to learn how to share screens using I also had the chance to be a guest speaker at a school in Baltimore, MD.

Here is the recipe:


1) A high-speed Internet connection
2) Skype and/or screen share (enables you to share a PowerPoint or Key Note presentation)
3) Web cam

1) High speed Internet connection
2) Skype account
4) Web cam (optional)
5) Projector w/ VGA cable (connect to computer)
6) PA system with audio in from computer

In this video, I used a couple of lights on my desk to make sure that my face was lit sufficiently.

You’ll notice that Mr. Dizard (yes, that’s my partner Chip) was poorly lit, in fact, the windows in the background caused a severe back light problem. He also had to turn off the classroom lights so that the projector’s image was visible for the students. Other than to see the person asking the questions from the remote location, it’s not as important to have that web cam turned on.

The computer at the remote location should be toggled for full screen so that the presenter will be full screen on the projector, and I would highly suggest doing a test call before the actual presentation to make sure everything works as planned.

The video below demonstrates the whole process. I actually did a Skype recording of the interview which you may want to consider if you want to archive your presentation. (We decided to edit out the student’s questions since we didn’t have permission to use them in the video).

If you’ve done something similar please leave a comment, or if this information is helpful let us know or share!

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