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Has this ever happened to you? You have a great idea about a visual story that you want to tell. You take the time to shoot some video, maybe you sprinkle in a dash of an interview of two, but then for some reason, you don’t do anything else. The raw footage just sits there on your drive taking up space. You don’t look at the video again, and next thing you know the thing you captured happened so long ago, you figure what’s the point?

Maybe it’s never happened to you, but it’s happened to me plenty of times. What happened? Why didn’t I make the video and better yet share it? Because I didn’t take the time to polish it up, or edit it. In video production it’s called postproduction.

Now, I don’t edit all of my videos that are shared online, but I probably edit 95% of them. If you want to brand your videos with music, text, or a logo (which I suggest), you should edit.

Editing is something that video people either love or hate. I happen to enjoy editing because that’s where the video magic happens. That’s where you see the pieces of you video recipe fall into place, and become a reality.

The problem is that most of the editing programs that people talk about are extremely complex and can be intimidating. But when I started my vlog MyUrbanReport back in 2006, do you know what I used? I didn’t use Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere. I used a basic PC based editing program called Windows Movie Maker and it worked just fine as you can see below.

I say all of this because, if you’re getting started and you want to create something like a talking head video, or cut some clips together and add some narration, you don’t need a high end editing program.

Wondershare Video Editing Software Giveaway

That’s where Wondershare Video Editor comes into play. It’s an affordable, easy to use editor that is great for simple videos that just need a little bit of polish… A trim here, a trim there, a motion intro and outro, and you’re done with it. And it’s available for PC or Mac users. I used it to create the video below, and if you stick around until the end of it, you’ll learn how you can get a free copy of this great editing tool courtesy of Web Video Chefs.

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We also have a free editing software Giveaway from our friends at Wondershare. (PC or Mac) Watch the entire video below to find out how to enter and get your free copy.

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