Getting Started with Final Cut Pro X-Webinar

Please note: This webinar is based on the 10.0 release of Final Cut Pro X. Join Web Video Chefs today for access to our free e-newsletter to download the latest Final Cut Pro X tutorials.

About Chip Dizárd

Chip is a Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Photoshop Certified Trainer and is passionate about helping people leverage technology for business and communications. He’s done a bit of everything from video production, to web, and application development.
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  1. thanks for sharing this –
    where would i find more ?
    curios about your other videos-
    are there more ?
    where to post questions ?
    lot of questions i have still 🙂
    best !

    • Amani Channel says:

       You can always e-mail us at ask@webvideochefs.  We update the site weekly with new tutorials, and love to help.  There is also a form to ask questions once you login as a member.  Let us know how we can help.  

  2. Thank you very much for this video and your work.
    Best for you and your family
    Cheers from France

  3. A question (may be this is not the right place..):
    At 54:50, you use an effect keying. 3 are available for you, there's none in my keying folder (execpt a 8 point garbage matte that I found on the web)
    Did you import them, create them, do they come from motion ?
    Than you

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Marc,

      Go to to the Effect tab and you should see the keying option there. It says keyer, luma keyer, and mask.

  4. Just wanna say THANKS for putting together this webinar, great information you're sharing. Keep up the great work, chefs!!!

  5. Amazing job guys. Great intro to the software

    • Thanks Rob! I am working hard to put out an entire series on FCPX. The updates keep coming, and I am glad of it! Please ask me any questions about the software as I am very familiar with it.

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