Video Chef Success Story: Hardbody Outdoor Fitness

For small business owners and entrepreneurs video can be a powerful tool. From promo videos, to content marketing vieos, or simple vlogs, the kind of content that can be produced is numerous.

There’s never been a better time to produce DIY videos because the production tools are more affordable than ever, and sites like YouTube makes it easy to share your content.

There are pros and cons though. On one hand, you can save a bundle by creating a video yourself, but the flip side is that it is going to take time to make your video. There’s no real way around it.

It’s one thing to have an idea for a video and then shoot it, but then what? If you want to create a polished video, you have to take the final step and edit it.

The last step can be a headache, which is why Shawn Chevalier of Hardbody Outdoor Fitness  contacted me.

Shawn Chevalier

Shawn Chevalier: Photo by Chip Dizárd

He is starting a 21 day fitness challenge and people are submitting videos to him so everyone can get excited about the challenge.  One big issue with the videos that were submitted were that many of them were vertical videos.   He wanted to find out some options with fixing the video using iMovie 2013.

Many Options

One of the first options I suggested was to blur out the video and give it a news feel, but that can’t be done with iMovie. I did a tutorial on this process with Final Cut Pro X.

The second option was to put the in iMovie and have a background layer.  I outlined this process in the tutorial below.

The third and probably best option is what I didn’t even mention to Shawn, but he chose, that was to create a picture-in-picture effect.  Check out his final video below.

It’s all about options

Video editing is all about achieving the look that you want.  There are many  ways to achieve it and I am proud of Shawn’s work and his video editing skills.

Equipment/Services used:
Camera: Nikon D7000
Editing: iMovie 2013
Motion Graphics: Fivver

What do you think about Shawn’s video? Leave in the comments below.


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