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Courtesy iPhone Shutter Grip

Courtesy iPhone Shutter Grip

One thing that really irks me about mobile video is that most people don’t know how to hold their phones when shooting video. I see it at concerts, family events, and other special moments. You’ve probably made this mistake because I’ve done it too.

When I got my hands on my first iPhone 3GS, it took me a little while to figure out how to hold my phone when shooting video.

I have to admit, it can be confusing because there is no video production manual that comes with your phone (though you can always download this free mobile video guide). On top of that, no matter how you’re shooting video on your phone, it pretty much looks okay when you’re looking at it on your phone.

The problem is that the video often ends up on YouTube, or even TV where the sins of your actions become more obvious.

Before I continue, let me ask a question. How is your TV hung on the wall, or mounted to the stand in your living room? Is is horizontal or vertical? “Ahhh hahhh,” you say.

So hold your phone the same way. You don’t want vertical video syndrome. Digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong has launched a campaign to help people shoot better smartphone video. He shares some great tips in this NBC segment, so please pay attention.

Next time you need to whip out your phone and shoot some video, you’re going to hold it how?

Please tell a friend or two… #NoVerticalVideo.

BTW the video at the top of the post is from a new course called Mobile Journalism Must Haves.

There’s much more great information about mobile storytelling there.

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