How I Create Videos With Final Cut Pro X

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Planning and shooting your video is one part of the production equation. But if you want to create a video that is really polished and professional, you should edit it.

Editing is an art and a science. You have to have an eye for the best shots, takes, and audio that allow you to create a compelling story. A lot of fat trimming is involved, or chopping out poorly framed shots, and elements that don’t add to the story you are crafting.

I started my journey editing video in college at the University of Florida on a S-VHS linear system back in 1996-97.

After graduation, I ended up working at a union TV news shop in DC. I couldn’t touch any of the editing machines because of union rules, but they had nonlinear AVID system that I was able to get my hands on. I taught myself enough to edit my first resume tape which eventually landed me a job in Tampa.

Over the years, I’ve continued to edit videos from video blogs, to client projects, and family videos. Now I don’t consider myself to be an editor, but I know how to edit. From Windows Movie Maker, to iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro 7, and now Final Cut Pro X, I’ve used a number of programs to create videos.

If you are getting started, don’t get caught up in the program. The software is only a tool that enables you to polish your video stone.

Instead, start with a program that allows you to understand editing basics, and upgrade once you have outgrown it.

Final Cut Pro X is that latest program that I’m getting familiar with to create videos.

I hope you enjoy learning about my editing journey.

What do you edit with?

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