How to add basic text with iMovie

I use several NLE (non linear editing) programs to edit video. If I’m working on a video for a client, I’ll generally use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier. That being said, iMovie has a number of features and is great for producing web videos. It has limitations, but has all of the basic features you may need. From text, graphics, and transitions, it has everything you need to quickly produce a video. Its PC comparison is Windows Movie Maker, which also has similar features.

In another tutorial, I demonstrated how to produce a talking head vlog, and some basic lighting techniques with iMovie. In this Web Video Chefs tutorial, I show you how to get started creating and adding text elements to your video. A slate is a good way to introduce your video. A lower third graphic is generally used to add a name and title to a speaker during a sound bite. I also show you the basic iMovie ’11 layout, and go over some transitions.

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