How to make a transparent watermark for your videos

If you saw our Mark Watson AKA SoldierKnowsBest interview, you probably noticed the watermark Web Video Chefs logo that was added to the upper left corner of the video.

That is something I’ve been trying to do lately, and it’s what online video marketer Gideon Shalwick recommends to help drive traffic to your Website, especially if the video is hosted on another site like YouTube. It’s just one of the strategies that Shalwick shares in his free Rapid Video Blogging report.

But, if you have a logo, how do you create the watermark and add it to the video, especially if the background isn’t transparent?

There is an easy solution.

For this recipe you’ll need:

1) Adobe Photoshop
2) A logo with a white background
3) Editing software that allows you to layer multiple tracks (In this example I use Adobe Premier Pro).
* Watch how to create a watermark in FCPX.

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