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What do pet lovers and video have in common? A lot if you are a pup named Jasmine, or a Jack Russell Terrier named Jesse.

These are just a couple of the names that have built a huge following through their pet videos.

There is a huge pet lover community from vets to trainers and activists and they just converged in Atlanta for the annual BarkWorld conference.

I had the honor to help produce a live stream for several keynotes, and I presented about video production for owners who want to make pet videos.

My session was all about vlogging and podcasting with an emphasis on simple editing tools.

It would only make sense that pet lovers take advantage of video.

Pets are adored. People are easily entertained by animals. Video is shareable.

How to make pet videos

The first step is planning. Ask yourself why do you want to start creating videos? What is your content going to be about? Where will you shoot your video? It is also important to figure out what equipment you may need, and how you’ll get it done.

Then figure out your pets talents.  Does s/he know any tricks? Does s/he have a unique personality or funny traits? What can you copy on camera that will demonstrate your pets talents?

Once you have that figured out, shoot the activity, scene or action.

Then edit it.  You may want to use some music, or text and graphics.

Then share.

It will take some practice, but the more you do it the better your pet videos will be.



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