How to resize your video

Have you ever needed to resize a video you were embedding, but just couldn’t figure out how to get the correct ratio?  

It’s happened to me before.  If you need to change the videos size, you can: do nothing about it, and risk having a video that’s too big or small on your site; you can guess the aspect ratio, and risk having a video that looks a little off; or you can use the simple tool in this tutorial to get it right (I have to thank Chip Dizard for this one.).

On a side note: Chip and I have been working on the site, and think you’ll really enjoy the Member’s Dashboard. There are Webinars and interviews that are well worth your time, and more are coming.

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Amani Channel is a former news reporter, a vlogger, an award winning video producer, and an adjunct professor. He also helps organizations and companies create visual stories through VisualEyeMedia.

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  1. Brettervideo says:

    Good stuff Amani. Keep up the good work.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Good tutorial, this has saved me many times.

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