How to rotate video 90 degrees (iMovie ’11)

Have you ever tried to watch a cell phone video or video shot on a mobile device and you have to turn your head to see it? Or maybe you’ve shot video with your mobile device, but the aspect ratio doesn’t seem right.

This happens most often to iPhone users who don’t hold the phone horizontally while they are shooting video. In this tutorial Chip shows you how to rotate your video 90 degrees using iMovie ’11 so that it has the correct aspect ratio (16:9).

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Chip is a Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Photoshop Certified Trainer and is passionate about helping people leverage technology for business and communications. He’s done a bit of everything from video production, to web, and application development.
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  1. Hey Chip,

    Glad I helped inspire a post here. And thanks again for helping me out with this.

  2. Martina Bangura says:

    how do i get this webvideochef on my laptop


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