How to speak well on camera

It looks so easy to be on camera talent doesn’t it?

Professionals are collected, smooth, and are really master communicators.

It takes a bit of swag, practice, and poise to do it right.

If you’ve ever wanted to be on camera talent, or if you’ve recorded yourself and you’d like to step it up, this video will help you get on the right track.

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About Amani Channel

Amani Channel is a former news reporter, a vlogger, an award winning video producer, and an adjunct professor. He also helps organizations and companies create visual stories through VisualEyeMedia.

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  1. I hate when I babble on an otherwise good take, but it definitely happens. I need to start recording more, but I wanted to make one point. From time to time, I like to mix in my (non)acting skills. So I'll break eye contact for a few seconds in rolling my eyes and looking to the left/right as a way to show expression. I guess that fits under rule #3 because I am a silly person, and I want my viewers to see that!

    Thanks for the tips. Let's see if I can make a video this weekend.


    • You're videos are good though Alana… Your personality will cover your mess ups, and you can always edit. The key is just to keep going and act like nothing happened. No one is perfect and people understand that.

  2. Hey Amani,

    Three great videos….thanks!!! Hey, your lighting looks great, especially on video #1. What kind of lights do you use?

    How did you create your intro and outro, especially the cool drop shadow under your logo? Did you do this in iMovie?

    Also, I like your caption with your name and the name of the show. How did you get the cool blue with that movement action happening? Very nice!

    How did you conduct your split screen interview with "the Soldier." Did you use Skype and ecamm recorder or something like that?

    Also, have you tried editing video in Screenflow? Some folks saw it's easier or as easy as iMovie.

    Whew, sorry for so many questions, Amani. Thanks again for sharing your hard won knowledge! Oh, and you looked pretty darn good in your TV news stand-ups! I loved the producer whispering, breathe, Amani, breathe! I can relate to some hyper tv news days! 🙂

    • Dan,

      First of all, thanks so much for your feedback. So, I usually shoot several videos at the same time so they should all look about the same (that's another tip).
      I'll share my light set up in another video. The intro and outro was custom made in Adobe After Effects by a pro that we know. The "cool blue" lower third was created by a co-worker in Motion. For the Skype interviews I use Ecamm which splits the video up, but I edited in the intro and lower thirds with Adobe Premiere Pro. Chip and I edit most of our screen capture tutorials with ScreenFlow. It is easy, and you can edit multiple tracks, but it has limitations too. Definitely worth the price though. Thanks! Thanks! And more Thanks! We really appreciate it.


  3. Thanks for these tips. I needed to see this video last week, but it is never too late to start implementing your advice. Creating videos is so much harder than it looks.

  4. Hey there Amani – I always (ALWAYS!) enjoy listening to what you've got to say cos I know you've been-there-done-that and know what you're talking about and, in some cases, have the scars to prove it…

    I've a question – when I watch your videos what you're saying is always a second or two behind what you've said (I hope that makes sense – it's like there's a delay in audio over visual)… are you recording your audio separately from your visual and then synching them together…?

    And I just LOVE the way you're using a second monitor to highlight & promo your business – that's just brilliant… and of course 'evidence' of your awards in the background as well…

    Thanks Amani 🙂

    • Julie – You're welcome! Thanks for your thoughts and support. I truly believe that knowledge only comes from experience. I need to take a look at the videos. I've noticed on slower computers that the sync seems a little off. I'll take a look again, but to answer your question, I'm recording the audio and video together so there shouldn't be a problem. I tried to put some thought into my "set" when I was recording the vids, and I'm glad that you noticed. Thanks again for the feedback.


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