How to start producing better videos

This free 20-minute video production intro class is courtesy Digital Atlanta.

I had a great opportunity to conduct a video seminar at Digital Atlanta which is a week long social media/digital un-conference.

Though you’ll find many social media “experts” talk about the power and benefits of video, actually producing quality videos is a different beast IMO.

As easy as it is to push a button, and start recording, it’s just as easy to mess it up big time. From framing, lighting, to editing, a novice can quickly become overwhelmed.

That being said, it is our goal to educate as many people as possible through this site, so that we can all produce compelling quality content, whether it be a simple family video, or a testimonial video or marketing video for your business.

The panel was made up by other two pros: Lamar Tyler and Jeff Funk, and me.

Tyler has an IT background, but started producing family films after he launched his blog in 2007. Funk has a broadcasting background like me, and is a talented storyteller.

The class is free to watch for all Charter Members. Sign in now to watch this presentation.



About Amani Channel

Amani Channel is a former news reporter, a vlogger, an award winning video producer, and an adjunct professor. He also helps organizations and companies create visual stories through VisualEyeMedia.

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  1. They key to making good videos is enjoying yourself. Always find new and interesting things to do and to make your camera experiences fun and exciting. Experiment with your camera and see what you enjoy and what works well for you. Remember that if you're having fun, so will your viewers!

  2. Thank you for your time, information and tips. Excellent for everybody starting in video.

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