Interview: Lessons from Internet TV producer @JustinKownacki Pt. 1

How do you create two sitcoms, produce the episodes on a shoe stringbudget, keep your talent happy, write, shoot, and edit, and keep your sanity?

If you have no idea, then you should probably talk to Justin Kownacki. Kownacki rose to Internet fame when he started the show, “Something to be Desired,” in 2003. The show spun off into his newest effort, “The Baristas,” a weekly series that chronicles the adventures of a tight nit family of employees and their customers at a Pittsburgh PA coffee shop.

Don’t let Kownacki’s baby face fool you. He knows his stuff. Along with producing, “The Baristas,” he is a social media strategist, and he always has something thoughtful to say, even if it’s a bit controversial.

Kownacki spent 30-minutes with Web Video Chefs, and if you’ve ever thought about producing a TV show for the Internet, you’ll want to watch and learn.

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