Preview: Jim Long (@newmediajim) interview Pt. 2

If you enjoyed the first half of our 20-minute interview with Jim Long, then you’ll love this second half of our conversation.

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Long, is a Washington, D.C. native who works for NBC news. Though most broadcast news professionals will will tell you that to make it to the big city you have to start in small town U.S.A., Long is an exception to that rule. In this interview you’ll learn how he came up through the ranks to become a photographer for one of the strongest news brands, NBC.

He also shares some advice for anyone interested in developing their storytelling skills, and he shares his outlook on traditional broadcast news and new media.

Long has an amazing sense of humor, which is refreshing when you consider that he’s worked on some of the BIGGEST news stories, and he has seen and done it all.

Check out the preview of this Member’s only video below. We had a blast when we met in 2007 at the Video on the Net Conference, and even pranked’s Dina Kaplan, as you’ll see.

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