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One thing is obvious about the direction of web and mobile video; it’s going all the way live in 2017.

First, we were introduced to Meerkat and Periscope. Then Facebook and YouTube got into the action. Now there is live video on Instagram and Twitter. For now, we’re going to show you how to go live and stream video on Instagram which just rolled out the service.

The steps are easy if you want to create a live video on Instagram.

From IG’s the home screen you can either swipe right or tap on the “Your Story” icon.

You’ll see three options on the video screen. “Live,” “Normal,” and “Boomerang.”

Starting from right to left, “Boomerang” lets you create a quick looping video that you can post to your timeline.


Amani Channel – Ready for Instagram Live

“Normal” creates a Snapchat styled 10 sec video clip or photo that you can add to Instagram Stories.

“Live” does just that, it allows you to Livestream video on Instagram.

Tap on the “Live” option and the pre-live window will appear, and once you tap “Start Live Video,” you’ll be talking to your
audience live.

You’ll be able to see who is watching as people join your live stream. They’ll be able to chat with you, and you can chat back via text.

Once you’re done with the stream, tap “End.”

Once you’re done with your Instagram Livestream, it will give you a notification that the video won’t be archived, and that’s it.

If you’ve never used Periscope or another mobile live streaming platform, here are a few pointers.

Engage your viewers in conversation. Ask them questions, acknowledge them when they enter your stream and respond if they chat or engage with you.

Try to keep your streams focused on a topic or genre, especially if you’re live streaming for business purposes or to build your brand.

Try to talk for at least 5-10 minutes. This will give others a chance to join in on your Instagram video live stream if they see that you’re streaming.

While it is cool to Livestream and live video is becoming a must have feature on many video platforms, there are some features the Instagram lacks at this point.

1. It doesn’t archive the live stream. Other services like Periscope archive live video segments for 24 hours.

2. Other users can’t share or repost live streams. That feature can help your viewers introduce you to their followers.

3. You can only watch the live streams of people you follow. This will limit the reach of Instagram live streamers.

The few times that I’ve gone live, my viewers have been minimal. However, I’ve noticed that more popular figures get stronger engagement for obvious reasons.

It can only be assumed that additional features will be rolled out, but this overall is a good move for Instagram. The community is slowly becoming all things visual and has the features of all of the other popular video apps built into one. It has a live video like Periscope and disappearing images like Snapchat, plus it hosts 1-minute videos and has the cool photo filters that made it so popular in the first place.

It’s going to be a fun time for people who aren’t afraid to get in front of the camera and talk about their personal or business matters live.

It’s more important than ever to pick a platform and cultivate relationships one community at a time. Instagram could be a favorite destination, if it becomes a useful tool for the masses.

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