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web video chefs screenflowIt’s easier than ever to record your computer’s on screen movements (also known as a screencast or screen recording).

Screencasts are a great way to create training videos, tutorials, or even record webinars and content on the web.

There are free applications like QuickTime X and Jing. I found free video capture software, and there are premium programs like Camtasia, which is also available for the PC.

By far, the most popular, powerful, and affordable screen recording software for the Mac is ScreenFlow. Social media consultants like Chris Brogan use it. YouTube stars like Soldier Knows Best, Mark Watson uses it, and so do the Web Video Chefs.

Grab your copy of Screenflow today as free trial  it has  been upgraded, and the latest version (ScreenFlow 4) doesn’t disappoint.

Some of the new features include:

Nested Clips
Greater Control of Callouts
Captions and more

Check out my screenflow course in our Web Video Chefs Learning Center.

Overall, I love it. I even recorded a getting started series to show you how easy it is to get started. ScreenFlow costs $99.00 and you can also download a free trial version. Try it.

Please note: The links for Screenflow are affiliate links and we only recommend software we use and absolutely love at Web Video Chefs.

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