The Formula to Make Easy Videos


Make Easy Videos

Are you struggling to make easy videos? Are you trying to figure out what equipment you may need, or does editing simply baffle and frustrate you?

Have no fear, because everyone who either shines on camera or works behind the scenes struggled at some point.

The only way you learn how to ride a bike is to fall off a few times, and the only way to make a video is to make one.

Now, if you’re looking for shortcuts to get it done, you’re probably in the wrong place because we focus on teaching professional techniques to beginners, bloggers, and business owners.

The reasons are simple:

1) You should understand the rules so that you know when and how to break them.
2) If you ever need to collaborate or work with other professionals, it’s important to know how it’s done.
3) The learning curve and time wasted will be reduced if you learn how to produce videos the right way.

How Can We Help?

We’re here to serve you, and we built this community by answering your questions, and by being as helpful as possible.

To do that, we frequently ask you questions like: what is your biggest pain, and what would you like to learn?

Your feedback and questions are invaluable because it helps us create new and different video tutorials, and it helps us provide helpful information for everyone because if one person is having trouble with something, others probably are too.

A few months ago, we surveyed our community to learn more about its interests, goals, and production needs.

We learned a few things.
1) You are a diverse group with diverse interests and goals. Some of you want to learn about mobile video production, others want to start production businesses, some of you want to start using videos to market, we have somme editors, designers, and family producers who just want to make family videos.

2) Many of you find editing to be most challenging, and would like to learn basic editing techniques.

3) Affordable equipment and reviews are appreciated, and you like to learn about affordable options.

4) A few of you are interested in learning about motion graphics applications like Apple’s Motion and After Effects.

5) Some of you aren’t sure what is most helpful, but in general you like our content and information.

6) You’d be willing to pay for information that helps you achieve your desired results.

Is this a good summary of your feedback?

The Video Production Formula

At the end of 2013, an idea came to me that summed up the video production process.

There are four steps that any video creator should take to create an effective video.

This formula was taught to me in college (minus one step), and I spent last semester drilling it home  with my students.

This formula is universal and will work for any kind of video project, from a simple talking head video to a complex multi-camera shoot.

videoformulaSo these are the four steps. I call it the Video Production Formula and though the steps seem obvious, your ability to follow it could mean the difference between success and bitter failure.

I could write out the steps in this text, but it will be just as effective to watch the video below.

Before you do so, think about whether or not you’d like more in depth information about the Video Production Formula.

If so, leave a comment below, after you watch the video.

About Amani Channel

Amani Channel is a former news reporter, a vlogger, an award winning video producer, and an adjunct professor. He also helps organizations and companies create visual stories through VisualEyeMedia.

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