Mobile Journalism – Produce Great Smartphone Videos

Mobile Journalism Must Haves is a three-part intro course for content producers who are interested in leveraging the power of video.  Whether you’re a news pro, online marketer, or just interested in learning how to create videos with a mobile device, you will get inspired and excited by the information here.

Make no mistake about it, mobile video production is the future. Your mobile device is always with you. Devices like the iPhones, Androids, and tablets shoot high quality video.  Add some proper production techniques, and you have a mobile media machine. This presentation covers the equipment, techniques, and apps that you can use to create visual stories with your mobile device.

Did you know that you need a special adaptor to use a microphone with a smartphone? How do you use a tripod to shoot video, or what is a good app for editing?  Watch Mobile Journalism Must Haves.  It covers everything you need to know about mobile storytelling.  Part 1 gives you an overview and shows you how other media makers have used their devices. Part 2 shows you how to shoot video and capture great audio with your iPhone or iPad, and Part 3 shows you how to edit it together.  This is packed with information which will change the way you look at your smartphone.

This presentation was given at the National Association of Black Journalists 2013 conference in Orlando, Florida on August 2nd, 2013.

Part 1 – Intro: MoJo Must Haves

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Part 2 – Equipment: MoJo Must Haves

Part 3 – Mobile App Editing and Storytelling: Mojo Must Haves

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About the presenters:

allissa-hsProfessor Allissa Richardson is an award-winning journalist and college professor. She has taught her unique brand of mobile journalism to youth in the United States, Europe and Africa. Students in Prof. Richardson’s global classroom learn to report news using only smartphones, tablets and MP3 players. She calls her high-tech reporters ‘mobile journalists,’ or ‘MOJOs.’ Richardson teaches at Bowie State University in Maryland. She is a 2013 Apple Distinguished Educator and the 2012 Journalism Educator of the Year.

amani-hsAmani Channel is an award-winning producer an Atlanta video production and consulting company, and an expert in digital and traditional storytelling. He is a former broadcast journalist who worked for outlets in Washington, D.C.; Tampa, Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia.  He also has experience in broadcast and digital PR.  He started video blogging in 2006, and is an early adopter of social media. Channel co-founded Web Video Chefs in 2011, and is an adjunct professor at Kennesaw State University.

chipdizard-hsChip Dizard is a FCPX and Adobe Certified trainer and an entrepreneur with a passion for all things technology and media. In 2002, Dizard co-founded, an online streaming portal where churches and ministries throughout the world can stream services live and on demand. He also operates a high-end wedding video business, and co-founded Web Video Chefs in 2011.


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