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Mobile Journalism Must Haves

I don’t need to tell you that the news business has changed tremendously in recent years. Many news pros have left the business through layoffs and forced retirement. Those who are still in the business are doing more than ever. Reporters are doing everything from writing and voicing, to shooting and editing. Cameras are more affordable and smaller than ever, and some outlets are turning to smartphones, tablets and apps.

One radio reporter, Neal Augenstein who works for WTOP in Washington, DC is setting a great example. Augenstein has been using his iPhone for newsgathering for years, but most haven’t made the leap.


DP Mario Page and Amani Channel on Assignment

In some ways, I wish I was still chasing ambulances and PIOs. During my last dance on-air, I worked for a Network called Voom HDNews. It was the first news network to broadcast in HD, and I enjoyed every assignment for the network.

In 2008, I was also blogging and hooked on social media, so naturally I was out experimenting with new media while I was on the beat. When I was assigned to cover the busy 2008 Hurricane season that saw the likes of Tropical Storm Fay, Hurricane Gustav, and Hurricane Ike, I not only produced stories for HDNews; but I live streamed and tweeted from the field, and produced reports for my blog. It’s pretty routine stuff today, but back then, not so much.

Deep down, I’m an old school journalist living in a new media world, and I really want to help my fellow reporters master some new media storytelling techniques. That’s why I’m excited to be presenting at the National Association of Black Journalists 2013 Conference in Orlando, Florida.

iPhone Reporting – Mobile Journalism Must Haves

On Friday, August 2, I’m teaming up with Chip Dizard and Professor Allissa Richardson to share some Mobile Journalism Must Haves. This is going to be a fun, innovative session. We have all sorts of equipment, mobile apps, and techniques to share. I was sent The Padcaster (iPad video accessory) to demo, and we’ll have a couple of giveaways too.

I’ve produced a number of videos with my smartphone, and it’s really easy once you get the required accessories.   If you want to tell good stories with a mobile device, you should use the same techniques that you would use with a regular video camera: use a tripod, use lights, and a microphone.   We’re really looking forward to NABJ.  I’m looking forward to seeing my old friends and colleagues.

These are some of the mobile media apps that I use.

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