How to blur video and key frame FCPX

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How to rotate video 90 degrees (iMovie ’11)

Have you ever tried to watch a cell phone video or video shot on a mobile device and you have to turn your head to see it? Or maybe you've shot video with your mobile device, but the aspect ratio doesn't seem right. This happens most often to iPhone users who don't hold the phone horizontally … [Read more...]

How to go from novice to professional video producer: Andy Coon int. pt. 1

Web video is truly a powerful medium. It has helped me build business, and professional relationships over the years, which is why I encourage everyone that I meet to start telling their own stories through video. One of the colleagues that I've met during my online travels is Andy Coon. In … [Read more...]

How to export Avid Media Composer 6 files to Adobe After Effects CS 5.5

Unless you have been living under a rock, or are new to the editing, you have heard about Automatic Duck, and their line of tools for After Effects and Final Cut Pro. These tools were formerly over $400 and now they are free!  The tools will move your media back and forth between applications with … [Read more...]

Record yourself during speaking engagements and share

I've only told a few people this, but one of the events that left an impression on me growing up was when I was in middle school. A dentist came out to talk to us about his career, and shared his life experiences during a class assembly. As background, I was raised in the poorest city in San … [Read more...]

How to start producing better videos

This free 20-minute video production intro class is courtesy Digital Atlanta. I had a great opportunity to conduct a video seminar at Digital Atlanta which is a week long social media/digital un-conference. Though you'll find many social media "experts" talk about the power and benefits of … [Read more...]

Attending a conference? How to produce and share a video

#digatl #digatlvid A good way to start producing videos is by creating video content at a conference. Conferences are great because you'll have access to industry leaders, and experts who are normally more than happy to share a thought or two with you on camera. Plus there's a built in audience … [Read more...]

How to Compress Videos for iPad and Vimeo/YouTube

Video compression is a critical part of every video edit. In this tutorial I will show you how to compress video for iPad and for Vimeo/YouTube using Apple Compressor 4. … [Read more...]

How to make an amazing family video using a time lapse

There may came a time when you want to capture an amazing moment, but if it unfolds over a period of time, you'll need to speed it up so that your viewers won't have to sit and watch it in real time. You've seen this effect in movies, and on TV generally with sunsets, traffic, and walking … [Read more...]

How to make slow motion videos with FCPX

Final Cut Pro X makes it easy to add slow motion, freeze frames and re-time your videos. In this tutorial I will show you my workflow I use for retiming clips. … [Read more...]

Free tools to give a virtual video presentation

I sometimes get asked to present about various news and multimedia topics at schools, colleges, and conferences. I of course prefer to speak in person. There’s nothing like seeing the people you’re talking to up close, and answering their questions. A remote video presentation, however is a great … [Read more...]

Primary and Secondary Color Correction in FCPX

Color correction is one of the final and most important steps in the video making process. Many rookie editors seem to leave this step out, but in this tutorial I introduce you to primary and secondary color correction in Final Cut Pro X. … [Read more...]