How to use XML to move projects from FCP 7 to Adobe Premiere Pro

If you're a Final Cut Pro user, you may be thinking about making a switch in light of all of the flack over Apple's latest incarnation of the popular software. Since Final Cut Pro X doesn't support XML, you may be looking at other viable options, namely Adobe Premiere, or Avid. In this … [Read more...]

Getting Started with Final Cut Pro X-Webinar

Please note: This webinar is based on the 10.0 release of Final Cut Pro X. Join Web Video Chefs today for access to our free e-newsletter to download the latest Final Cut Pro X tutorials. … [Read more...]

How to use Skype with

Have you ever wanted to share screens with someone? Perhaps a friend needed to trouble shoot a problem you were having with your computer, or maybe you wanted to invite a group to watch something you produced on your PC or Mac. There's a site that makes screen sharing a breeze. It's called … [Read more...]

how to use video on Google+ create a hangout

Google just may have hit a home run with Google+. After failed attempts like Google Wave, and Buzz, I'm finding more and more influencers, and colleagues on the site who are exploring the features, sharing content, and talking. On the video side, the feature that many people are excited about … [Read more...]

How to get started with Google+ aka Google Plus

So, if you haven't heard Google has unveiled it's Facebook killer. It's a slick, simple to use social community called Google+. It integrates with all of Google's applications, and makes networking with colleagues, and friends a breeze. I just got invited and haven't been able to dig deep, … [Read more...]

How to record a voice over in Final Cut Pro X

#FCPX In the past, I normally would record my voice overs in Sound Track Pro, or even Garage Band, and would then audio edit inside the respective software, before exporting the narration file to either FCP 7, or Premier Pro. I'll go into my audio set up in another tutorial, but if you're … [Read more...]

How to export an Alpha Channel in After Effects

Adobe After Effects has quickly become one of the standards for motion graphics. On our site we won't go into detail about this program, but we will show you some tips and tricks with this powerful program. One question we received is how do you export a file out of After Effects and get an … [Read more...]

Sync DSLR Footage with Final Cut Pro X

One of my favorite features with Final Cut Pro X is having the ability to sync footage that is recorded by another audio source. In Final Cut Pro 7 we did this with software called Plural Eyes.  Now with FCP X you can sync your footage automatically and in this tutorial below I show you my workflow … [Read more...]

WVC Podcast 1: Editing & FCP X Webinar

Do I have to tell you that I love video and technology? Believe it when I say that no matter what your budget is these days, you can produce video content for your audience. One way is to record a Skype interview, and post it on your site. Our first Web Video Chefs podcast is an example of what … [Read more...]

How to import iMovie projects into Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is here and it's rebuilt from the ground up. It does have many similar features and transitions and effects as iMovie, but this program is clearly more robust than iMovie. Of course there are many things are left out for professionals like XML and OMF export import but I am sure … [Read more...]

How to shoot under water HD video

When I spoke at BlogWorld '10 in Las Vegas, I was pleasantly surprised when Kodak gave out cameras to the speakers who presented about video production. My presentation happened to be about mobile video production, so I was given the option to get the Kodak PlaySport, or the Kodak TouchPlay. … [Read more...]

How to green screen in iMovie

In this post we'll teach you how to use the chroma key (also known as green screen) feature in iMovie. Keying is the process of removing a portion of the video and replacing it with another visual element. It is most commonly done by using a blue or green background. iMovie makes keying … [Read more...]