How to hold your iPhone when shooting video

When I got my iPhone 3Gs, I didn't know how to hold it while shooting video. At first, I held it vertically, the same way as when making a phone call. I soon realized that that wasn't the RIGHT way to hold the phone/camera. Do you shoot video with your iPhone? If you own a 3Gs or a 4G, there … [Read more...]

How to make a survey using Google Docs

If you are like me you have to shoot the video, edit the video and find a way to post it on the web.  Sometimes you are even asked to get feedback about a video or a project,  that is why I did a tutorial on how to make a survey using Google Docs. Here is a link to a form that is used by … [Read more...]

How to set up a Facebook Landing Page

Here is a special tutorial I created for those who want to customize your Facebook landing Page. … [Read more...]

Digital Boot Camp-Producing Engaging Content

Web video is hot.  How hot?  According to the latest ComScore statistics, 172 million Americans are watching video online, which equals 14.6 hours per month.  It’s more affordable than ever to produce a video on the Web, and the results can be tremendous to your business or organization.  If you’re … [Read more...]

Kodak Zi8: Lighting and good audio

Check out this set up for lighting and capturing good audio with the Kodak Zi8 pocket camera. I use a Home Depot halogen light, and a lavalier mic with a fluid head tripod. … [Read more...]

Final Cut Pro and Flip Camera

This is one of my most popular tutorials, how to edit Flip video footage with Final Cut Pro.  Many people use Flip cameras and when they attempt to edit in FCP, they get the dreaded "red render bar." I will show you my workflow for Final Cut Pro and how to edit Flip, Kodak or any other handheld HD … [Read more...]