New E-Learning Portal and Video Coaching Program

During the Web Video Chefs' webinar called "The Mobile Way," held on Thursday, December 13, founders Amani Channel and Chip Dizard announced that a new e-learning portal has launched on the site. "We're more than thrilled about it," explained Channel. "We've always wanted to have a destination … [Read more...]

Mobile video for Androids and more Watch on YouTube: How to make awesome Android videos for begininners Mobile Video Journalism Here are some other recent examples of mobile storytelling and video deliciousness. Take a peek inside the Wall Street Journal's MoJo toolbox. … [Read more...]

A New RØDE VideoMic on the GO!

We've been building a relationship with RØDE Mics ever since we started this site. They create great microphones for mobile devices, podcasters, and professionals. In addition, the company is constantly innovating. Their latest product is a chip off the old VideoMic series of mics. It's called … [Read more...]

Don’t shoot sucky mobile video Watch 3 Mobile Video Shooting Sins on YouTube One thing that really irks me about mobile video is that most people don't know how to hold their phones when shooting video. I see it at concerts, family events, and other special moments. You've … [Read more...]

01: Cook a Better Video Show: Chip and Amani

We have a new show that we're exited about! We're calling it the "Cook a Better Video Show," and we'll be bringing you video innovators, thought leaders, and educators who will help you create better visual stories. In our first episode, Chip and I have an informal conversation about how we … [Read more...]

How to Make a Great Video Blog (Vlog)

Have you thought about making a video blog to build your online presence? A vlog is a great way to build relationships with the power of video, and you don't need to invest in costly equipment to get started. I use my computer's built in webcam, and if you really want to get jazzy, you can get an HD … [Read more...]

Giveaway 2 – #FREE DVD Burning Program for Mac

#Deal #Discount Our friends at Wondershare have a great offer that is too good not to share. They have an Exclusive Giveaway campaign for Wondershare DVD Creator for mac which is compatible with the latest released Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Here are the simple rules to claim your copy: 1. … [Read more...]

How to copy movies from iTunes to your iMovie for iOS

There are times when you want to move video from iTunes on your computer to your iPhone or iPad.  In this brief tutorial I share how to do that using iTunes version 11 and an iPad mini.  This is useful when you want to edit footage on your iPad or … [Read more...]

#iPhonereporting #MojoChat Mobile Journalism Recap

We helped make some Twitter chat history by organizing the first #mojochat for mobile journalism. The conversation was great, and some of the best of the best participated in the hour long discussion about all things related to iPhone/smartphone storytelling. This was my first time … [Read more...]

#iPhoneography – The Duet

The Duet by Apogee (first generation shown in picture above) is a beautifully designed professional audio interface for the Mac. It is a two-channel input, four output device that connects to the computer via Firewire (first generation) or USB (second generation). It can be used for instrument … [Read more...]

RØDE Rec App Revew

If you are like me you want good audio for your video. It's essential to capture good audio especially if you are shooting DSLR and dual system sound. For many of my productions I use the RØDE Smart Lav and sync it using Final Cut Pro X. In the video below, I review the RØDE REC app for iPad. … [Read more...]

Top iPhone and mobile journalism pros – Let’s chat!

  Latest Update: The #MoJoChat has been rescheduled for Wednesday 10/16 at 4pm ET/9pm UK! This will be moderated by the @MobileJournChat Twitter handle. Featured guests are Neal Augenstein, Glen Mulcahy, Marc Settle, and I may chime in though I'll be moderating. The topic is: Tools and … [Read more...]