Conrad Mess Shares Mobile Filmmaking Secrets

You can make great videos and films with a smartphone, and if you don't believe me, check out the work of Luis Mieses (aka Conrad Mess). Mess has mastered the art and science of production using the same device that most people use to tweet, make phone calls, and share Instagram pics. His … [Read more...]

FREE Giveaway Contest #1 Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Win 1 of 5 Free copies to Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate! Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is awesome software for converting video files and it does much more (like burn DVDs and download videos from video sharing sites). The software is … [Read more...]

The Padcaster for iPad Video Production and News Watch on YouTube: ThePadcaster Open Box The Padcaster could be a game changer for iPad video production and news gathering. It is an iPad video stabilizer and tripod mount with a lens adaptor. The kit which retails for $149.00 includes: Padcaster, … [Read more...]

#NABJ13 – iPhone Reporting – Mobile Journalism Must Haves Watch on YouTube: Speaking at NABJ - 5 Smartphone Tips for Journalists Mobile Journalism Must Haves I don't need to tell you that the news business has changed tremendously in recent years. Many news pros have left the business through layoffs and … [Read more...]

Video Production Lights Anyone Can Afford Watch on YouTube: Affordable Video Production Light Kit This post is all about video production lights that anyone can afford. I was on a music video shoot a few years ago and the gaffer (the person who lights the set), who was a veteran in the music … [Read more...]

Adjusting Exposure in Final Cut Pro X

Some productions have the time to set up and adjust lights to ensure a high quality video image, others must shoot on the fly with very little camera setup on lighting support. This is the classic example of "fixing it in post," but with Final Cut Pro X it has gotten a little bit … [Read more...]

My Home Studio Set Up: 3-for-1 Special Watch on YouTube: Behind the scenes set up: my home studio There are so many great tips in the video, you may need to watch it once or twice.  I want to teach you so many things about video production, and I thought that it would be valuable to share … [Read more...]

Basic Videography Tips Watch on YouTube: Learn how to frame shots Here is a secret about shooting great video: How you frame your shot will make a huge difference in the quality of your video which is why I wanted to share some basic videography tips. There are three basic … [Read more...]

iPhone Photography Techniques: Using a Tripod for Video Watch on YouTube: Photography Techniques: Using a Tripod for Video The secret behind shooting great iPhone (or any) video starts by using sound photography techniques which include: using a tripod, shot composition, lighting, exposure, and … [Read more...]

How to Shoot Better Video Watch on YouTube: How to Shoot Better Videos If you're new to shooting video, you may be wondering why your footage doesn't look as good as shots that you see on TV. To put it simply, you may be wondering … [Read more...]

IKAN LED Lights Review

I have reviewed LED lights and have been very pleased with the results. In this review one of our Web Video Chef students Reeshard Scott talks about the IKAN LED IKAN ID500-V2 lights and gives a detailed review of the lights. LED Lights What lights are you using? … [Read more...]

How to get videos off a DVR

Today DVR's or Digital Video Recorders are standard in almost every home. We have replaced VCR's and sometimes DVD players with them. Much of our content we consume is digital and not on a disc or tape and in this tutorial I show you how I get footage off my DVR for educational purposes. Here is … [Read more...]