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I’ve only told a few people this, but one of the events that left an impression on me growing up was when I was in middle school. A dentist came out to talk to us about his career, and shared his life experiences during a class assembly.

As background, I was raised in the poorest city in San Mateo County California, East Palo Alto. Most of my fellow students were hardly high achievers, though I’m sure all of them had great potential.

Anyhow, the dentist who spoke to us was Dr. Brian Swann, brother of football great Lynn Swann.

What I appreciated was that he took the time to visit Ravenswood Middle School (now Cesar Chavez Academy) to speak to us, even though some of the students didn’t give him the undivided attention that he deserved.

That being said, soon after I started working in broadcast news, I started getting requests to speak to students. Out of everything I’ve accomplished as a professional, I get the most joy from teaching, and sharing information that could potentially have an impact on a young person’s life.

Although most of my presentations haven’t been captured, I’ve partnered with Talk About Your Future, an Atlanta based nonprofit that provides mentoring and guidance to students at Grady High School.

They record all of the class presentations, which are very inspiring.

Though I always question the impact that I’m having, it always feels great to give back. The students even wrote thank you notes afterwards like this one:

If you ever have the chance to record a speech or presentation, you should.

When people see and hear you speak it reinforces your credibility, and helps with your branding as a subject matter expert. In addition, you never know who may see your presentation once it is uploaded to the web.

To record a speech, you’ll need:
1) A camera (with an external mic input)
2) Microphone (lavalier)
3) Camera operator (optional)
4) Light (if needed)

It’s better to avoid zooming in or panning once the shot is set up.

I’ve recorded presentations without a camera operator, but you have to make sure the framing is right before you start recording.

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  2. And to make recorded presentation much better experience, we have designed this new system at

    I would love to get your feedback on the same.


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