01: Cook a Better Video Show: Chip and Amani


Chip Dizard and Amani Channel met on YouTube in 2006

We have a new show that we’re exited about! We’re calling it the “Cook a Better Video Show,” and we’ll be bringing you video innovators, thought leaders, and educators who will help you create better visual stories.

In our first episode, Chip and I have an informal conversation about how we connected, and created this site, and share other video insights. This show is hosted on Spreecast, and we’re already lining up guests. If there’s a topic that you’d like us to cover, please leave a comment below.


About Amani Channel

Amani Channel is a former news reporter, a vlogger, an award winning video producer, and an adjunct professor. He also helps organizations and companies create visual stories through VisualEyeMedia.

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