NBC network photojournalist: Jim Long @NewMediaJim Pt. 1

Jim Long is a network news cameraman for NBC, but if you scan the posts of his blog, VergeNewMedia, or check out his Twitter feed, you’ll see that he’s much more than a news photographer.

Some might call him a thought leader in social media, or an influencer. If you were ask him directly what makes him tick, he’d tell you that he has a new media soul trapped in the shell of his traditional skin.

I met Jim, AKA New Media Jim back in 2007 at a conference called Video on the Net in San Jose, California. He was among the first mainstream news cameramen that I met who embraced social media (there are a few other standouts too like Lenslinger and BeFrank).

JIm and I have a lot in common. Broadcast news for starters (though I now work in PR). We both love the online social sphere, telling stories, and creating content.

Sometimes you meet folks who are just, “good people,” and Jim is that type of guy.

We had to jump though some minor hoops to get him approved to do the interview with Web Video Chefs, and he was gracious enough to get up early on a Sunday morning to chat.

It’s always a pleasure to speak to him. Let us know what you think about our conversation.

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