Start Making Videos: For Beginners

I hope that you’re not as bad as I was when I started making videos. I struggled with almost everything, and it really hurt me during my first few years of work in the news business.

Making videos has always been fun, and I love the creativity, but there’s certainly a learning curve that goes into it.

There is the technical aspect that involves the overall process (I call it the Video Production Formula). There is also the equipment, the messaging, and the performance aspect. When you mix it all together, you will—hopefully—have a well-crafted story that creates rapport with your viewers.

If you want to start making videos, are just getting started and struggling, or if you’ve dipped your toe into the video production pool, then the video mini-class is for you. It covers the four “Ps” for production success.

You need a Plan, the Production gear, a Personality, and you need to Practice.

Since we’re in the holiday season, I’ve created a free mini-class for you that explains how you can improve each of these items.

If you can master these four things, you will be making awesome videos in no time.

This mini-course is free to you. Make sure to download the “Zero to Video Hero” production guide at the bottom of the post.

Start Making Videos

Here is a recap of the four Ps:

Plan: The plan includes the script or outline, knowing what equipment you have or is available, having a deadline, and a production workflow.

Production: Know the equipment that you’ll need and what’s available, and how to set up and use it.

Personality: Be able to perform when it’s time for action. Be exited and interesting.

Practice: Constantly practice the craft. Get critiques from other video makers, and producers and get better.

By the way, take a moment to download our, “Zero to Video Hero,” production guide. If you like this content, you’ll love it.

Please leave a comment below or leave a video link. I’ll give you some feedback if you do.

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