How to make a survey using Google Docs

If you are like me you have to shoot the video, edit the video and find a way to post it on the web.  Sometimes you are even asked to get feedback about a video or a project,  that is why I did a tutorial on how to make a survey using Google Docs.

Here is a link to a form that is used by LaCie, a manufacturer of Hard Drive

Click here for the mobile version of the video.

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Chip is a Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Photoshop Certified Trainer and is passionate about helping people leverage technology for business and communications. He’s done a bit of everything from video production, to web, and application development.
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  1. This is awesome I am definitely going to use this. I have been trying to find an easier way to survey my clients. This might do the trick!

  2. I finally had an opportunity to review my first WebVideo Chefs tutorial. You have done an amazing job. Your Google Doc presentation, was easy to follow and under five minutes. I was able to open Google Docs and followed along by creating a sample document with your tutorial in the background. I am looking forward to viewing your other episodes and sharing your website with friends.

    Thanks for sharing!


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