Adria Richards Interview: YouTube and Beyond

If you ever have a challenging technology issue or problem, ask Adria. She's a passionate, smart, funny, nerdy techie (redundant?) who is crushing web videos. Adria is building a strong following on YouTube, and now she's working with brands like Dell, T-Mobile, and CDW to mention a … [Read more...]

Mark Watson Interview: How to Rock YouTube – Soldier Knows Best

@SoldierKnowBest If you're into tech, gadgets, or everything Apple, and you haven't heard of Mark Watson, AKA SoldierKnowsBest, then you're missing out on timely, informative reviews from THE MAN on YouTube. Watson is a certified YouTube star, but he had no knowledge of video production when … [Read more...]

YouTube: How to create annotations

If you upload videos to YouTube, this tutorial is for you. In addition to creating your own online channel, YouTube has several features to help you increase the interactivity or your videos. One of the main features are annotations. Annotations are text, links, and other features that can be … [Read more...]