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Radio reporter Neal Augenstein and his iPhone


Latest Update: The #MoJoChat has been rescheduled for Wednesday 10/16 at 4pm ET/9pm UK!
This will be moderated by the @MobileJournChat Twitter handle.
Featured guests are Neal Augenstein, Glen Mulcahy, Marc Settle, and I may chime in though I’ll be moderating.
The topic is: Tools and Tricks for the Beginner Mobile Journalist

#MoJoChat Rules:
The chat will be one hour starting at 4pm ET/9pm UK.
The moderator will poset a new question every 5-7 minutes
If you have a specific question, please submit it to: mojotwitterchat (at) gmail (dot) com.
We will try to ask as many questions as possible.
If you can’t tell, I’m really excited!!! Please share this with any storytellers who may be interested.

Update: Due to unexpected schedule conflicts, we’ve decided to postpone Wednesday’s #mojochat. Follow the Twitter hashtag #iphonereporting for updates.

The power to tell stories with video is in everyone’s pocket, and the best tool is your mobile device. There is a growing army of journalists and educators that are pushing the envelope when it comes to mobile news gathering. If this is the first time you’ve thought or heard about iPhone or mobile reporting, it’s time to take notes from the pros.

Some call it iPhone reporting, others “mojo” (mobile journalism), or smartphone journalism; but it’s all the same. There is substantial interest in mobile device storytelling, and there are a few folks on whom you should keep a close eye.

Top iPhone and Mobile Journalism Pros

Take Neal Augenstein for starters (@AugensteinWTOP). He is a legend in iPhone reporting circles. In 2010, he ditched his traditional news gear and decided that his trusted iPhone would do the trick (Neal Augenstein interview). He files all of his radio reports for WTOP in Washington DC with his mobile device, and he loves to share what he’s learned along the way.

Marc Settle is another innovator when it comes to mobile reporting (@marcsettle). He trains journalists at the BBC how to use iPhones to gather and share the news. You’ll find all sorts of gems on the BBC blog from product and app reviews, to news about the growing genre of iPhone journalism.

Want to learn about new devices and gadgets that storytellers can use? Then check out Glen Mulcahy (@GlenBMulcahy). He shares information on all of the new toys, eh tools, that are on the market for mobile video journalists. Have you heard about Sony’s new lens cameras? They are cameras disguised as lenses, and can sync with any Android or iOS device. Along with sharing news, Glen trains journalists how to use mobile technology.

I had the pleasure of working with Professor Allissa Richardson this summer during a workshop for journalists in Orlando, Florida (@profallirich). She’s an award-winning journalist and professor at Bowie State University. She also travels across the world teaching people how to use tablets and smartphones to tell stories.

One thing I’ve preached is that using a smartphone shouldn’t make your reporting duties more complicated, it should make your life easier; and veteran journalist Nick Garnett agrees (@nicholasgarnett). He has more than 25 years of storytelling experience under his belt, and if a device or accessory doesn’t make his life easier, he won’t talk about it.

If I was on air, I’d be pushing the mobile media envelope with my iPhone. Back in the early days of social media (2007/08), I was using my cell phone to share Twitter updates live from the field. These days, you can live stream, capture breaking news, and even edit video on an iPhone. Believe me when I say that, you can do almost everything with your mobile device that you can do with professional equipment. I recently put the technology to the test and shot, voiced and edited an entire news package using the iMovie mobile app on my phone.

Here are some other pros and practitioners that you should keep up with:
Carl Corry. Newsday Online Local News Editor. @carlcorry
Professor Koci Hernandez. Assistant Professor of New Media Berkely Graduate School of Journalism. @koci
Steve Garfield. Media maker and vlogging expert. @SteveGarfield
(Please add a name to the comment section if you know someone who should be on this list)

If you’re just getting started, there are a few apps and techniques that you should learn about.

From what I’ve noticed, there are some great folks doing some great things in the mobile storytelling space, but we’re loosely organized at best. I knew about some of these folks already, but then stumbled upon the Twitter hashtag #iphonereporting, and my eyes opened. There is a small, passionate group of professionals who love to teach and share information. Why not pool our collective knowledge in an interactive social forum like Twitter?

Twitter Chat with Mobile Journalism Pros

We’re now planning to start a Twitter chat around smartphone journalism. Introductions have been made. We’re getting to know each other. We have a tentative time. The only question now is, when do we start and what to call it? The #iphonereporting hashtag is one option, but it is also used for general iPhone journalism convos. Also, it is a bit lengthy, and from what I’ve read Twitter chat hashtags should be short.

iphone reporting chat

Should it have chat in the title? I’ve thought about it, and think #mojochat would work well. It’s short, to the point, and speaks to the fact that journalists are using their tablets, and even Androids can be used to gather news (don’t boo or hiss all you Apple fan boys and girls).

Would you like to join in on the conversation? What do you think that we should call it? Have you used your mobile device (iPhone, tablet, or Android) to gather news?

Stay tuned for more information!

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  1. I have been a serious iPhone video producer for a few years now and am the go to guy for this niche in the Automotive Industry. Great article guys and love the site!

  2. Hi Amani, missed the chat but thought I’d introduce myself. I’m the publisher and video (mojo) journalist for Australia news site View News. Been doing Mojo for the past few years and video (captured, edited, published and promoted on iPhone) is becoming our primary content. We have a youtube channel “viewnews” . Looking to build distributed mojo network to produce news and feature videos. Hopefully I’ll make the next chat.


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